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    您好!歡迎光臨 東莞市宇圖五金制品有限公司 官方網站!

    電    話:0769-85384372/85384373
    傳    真:0769-85384371
    郵    箱:admin@dgyutu.com /aimee-huang@dgyutu.com
    網    址:www.ylgjgzsgc.com
    地    址:廣東省東莞市長安鎮烏沙蔡屋第五工業區振隆路20號

    Yu Tu (Dong Guan) Hardware Products Co., Ltd 
    Contact: Aimee
    Address: NO.20 Zhen Long Road, Cai Wu 5th Industrial Zone, 
    Wu Sha District, Chang An Town, Dong Guan City, 
    Guang Dong Province, China P.C.523850 
    Tel: +86-769-85384372/ 85384373 ext 821
    Fax: +86-769-85384371 
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    本廠主要生產耳環、項鏈、手鏈、手鐲、鑰匙扣、胸針、戒指、書簽、掛包器、鏡盒、吊墜、發飾、香膏盒系列等流行飾品及工藝禮品。產品銷往世界各地。本廠現主要為Alexander Mac Queen(亞歷山大·麥昆),Armani(阿瑪尼),Bvlgari(寶格麗),Chanel(香奈兒),Clarins(嬌韻詩), Dior(迪奧),Estee Lauder (雅詩蘭黛),Elie Saab(艾黎莎柏),Fendi(芬迪),Givenchy(紀梵希),Guerlain(嬌蘭),JIMMY Choo(吉米·周),Kenzo,Lancome(蘭蔻),L'Oreal(歐萊雅),Make up for Ever(美卡芬艾),Maybelline(美寶蓮),Montblanc(萬寶龍),Repetto(麗派朵),Sanoflore,Shu Uemura(植村秀),V&R, Vichy(薇姿),YSL(圣羅蘭),Yue-Sai(羽西)等等客戶做生產加工,并已通過歐萊雅和LVMH旗下嬌蘭的驗廠審核,是雅詩蘭黛的合格供應商,并通過了質量管理體系ISO9001和社會責任標準SA8000的認證。

    Yu Tu (Dong Guan) hardware Products Co., LTD, located in Chang’ An Town Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China, is one of the most professional manufacturers specializing in research, design, manufacture, and sales of fashion jewelries & craft gifts, with an area of 4,500 square meters and about 60 specialist technicians.

     Our factory mainly produce Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets & bangles, Key chains, Brooches, Rings, Bookmark, Bag hanger, ID tag, Mirror,Massager, Charms, Pomander,Hair accessories, Gifts etc. The products are sold to all over the world. Now, we are supplying our products for Alexander Mac Queen,Armani,Bvlgari,Chanel,Clarins, Dior,Estee Lauder,Elie Saab,Fendi,Givenchy,Guerlain,JIMMY Choo,Kenzo,Lancome,L'Oreal,Make up for Ever,Maybelline,Montblanc,Repetto,Sanoflore,Shu Uemura,V&R, Vichy,YSL,Yue-Sai etc., and have already passed some customer’s factory audit.We’re L‘Oreal / Guerlain(LVMH) audited factory and Estee Lauder qualified supplier. ISO9001/SA8000 passed.

     We have been serving the customers with quality products at competitive price, punctual delivery, satisfied service, professional technique and facing the international market competition with plain and moderate attitude& high reputation.

     Hoping that our excellent products and service could be provided to more partners and created a win-win future, we are maintaining high ethics in our business practices and continually strive to improve upon our products and services.

    We have so many different  jewelry  items and they are not all listed on our website. So please ask us for any item that is jewelry-related, and we can assure you that we either have it in stock, or we can make it for you. Thank you and look forward to working with you and your company.


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    聯系人:姚先生  電    話:0769-85384372/85384373   傳    真:0769-85384371 地 址:廣東省東莞市長安鎮烏沙蔡屋第五工業區振隆路20號

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